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Workplace Fellowships

What are they?

Workplace Fellowships are outposts of God’s Kingdom across the Greater Austin area, and they serve as a catalyst for individual, workplace, and industry renewal.

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Build Your Christ-Focused Leadership Skills and Community

God recognizes the value of work.

We believe God values work, and that's why we have formal and informal Workplace Fellowship Groups (WPFs). Despite spending around 90,000 hours at work in a lifetime, many Christians still feel that their work is not as significant as global missions or pastoral ministry. That is why these groups help believers like you to integrate their faith into their work and bridge the gap between Sundays and their 9-5 jobs.

Empowering Christian Leaders to Integrate Faith and Work.

We help Christian leaders bring their faith to work by first bringing them together. Austin CFW supports individuals interested in connecting with other believers at their workplace as well as those who may already be actively participating, whether formally or informally, in an existing employee group. This support looks like periodic gatherings, connection to other believers in the same industry, mentorship and coaching, equipping, and tangible resources for groups (financial, curriculum, meeting spaces, speakers). We desire for every Christian leader to know and understand that their work matters, and to see that reflected back to them by fellow believers.

Build a Christ-Focused Workplace Culture.

Joining with God in the work He is already doing will transform both individual lives and workplace culture. We encourage individuals to be attentive to their unique needs in their workplace, and to prayerfully engage accordingly. Each Workplace Fellowship will look different: some will involve large gatherings onsite with a speaker or monthly topical luncheons and others might look like two or three people praying regularly together. Pivot hopes to help leaders like you follow God’s leading in living out their 9 to 5 with commitment and faithfulness.

Fill out our form if you are  interested in learning more, connecting to an existing group of believers at your workplace, or leading a new workplace fellowship.

Embrace Purpose and Faithfulness in Your 9 to 5.


Embrace Purpose and Faithfulness in Your 9 to 5.


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